Day 5 New worlds feral run

Day 5: Explorers of the new worlds

Welcome back everybody to the final day in this feral run!

A while after starting the world up we have another kisspop by Red Ear yet again!


I always love the crossbreeds where they have the c2 norn heads, I always felt they represented norns better than the ones in creatures 3 and Docking station.

Right after I finished typing that, we have another kisspop dealt by Red Ear!


As you can tell, it looks just like Laughable Queen but with Hebe legs instead of chi-chi legs.

We have also discovered an ancient banshee relic!


Not very much seems to be happening over time, so it appears we have entered a pretty slow stage of the game. The norns in the norngarden don’t seem to be breeding as much, while the ones in Primordia Redux appear to be breeding alot.

ImageDespite what you may think, this isn’t a generation 1 Hebe norn, infact he is generation 3! But he does have the full set of sprites however.


Sorry that day 5 was kinda empty, or was it?

Don’t forget that all the norns we have are going to be exported and uploaded on Creaturescaves to explore YOUR worlds!

That’s right! These norns are going to explore some new worlds!

Pick up the New worlds norn pack here


(I noticed one of them has a slightly green pigment tint)


Day 4: New worlds feral run


Day 4: Norns in a strange land

Welcome back everyone to Day 4 of our new worlds feral run! Sorry for the lateness, I was incredibly busy yesterday so I’m going to have Day 4 and Day 5 released today if I can.

If you havn’t already noticed most of our generation 1 norns have reached adulthood!


Thanks to some eggs recently laid, here are some of the new norns we are going to be seeing!

birthofunnatrual Spongebirthofutopianwing

Two new male gen2 norns? That’s good news! As we all remember, the last one died shortly after birth. 😦

Gameplay is kinda slowing down, so some time has passed and here is a new norn with Red Ear as the father yet again.

Birthofscreeching Roll

WinterlurkingWinter looms over norngarden.

Did anyone notice the lugerleaf in norngarden does this in the winter?!


Stay tuned for Day 5 fellow creatures!


Day 3: New worlds feral run


Day 3: The Colony

Welcome back everyone to Day 3 of our feral run!

Now as soon as I started the world up Red Ear and Typical Clouds kisspopped! 😮


A short while later, Normal Drop and Helpless Insect also kisspopped! Second Kisspop

Red Ear kisspopped with Macabre Hobbies just a while later. It must be mating season!

Later on our norns started to lay their eggs. Let’s see what new offspring we have!

Smart airplane is bornFlippant Brake is born#birthoflaughablequeen

It’s a shame I didn’t get that gender bias fix, since it must be female season.

I mean that literally of course, incase you didn’t know in certain in-game seasons there is a gender bias for creatures that are about to be born, in certain seasons a creature is more likely to be born female instead of male and vice versa.

Laughable queen appears to have a floating head, I’m starting to wonder if having a creatures 2 norn in the colony was really that much of a good idea, Red Ear has kisspopped another norn also.


It’s a shame really, I was constantly going “Ooh! A male norn finally! And with such tall legs also!” But then he died a few seconds later. D:

Autumn has arrivedAutumn has arrived!

movingtoprimordiaRed Ear, Typical Clouds and Laughable Queen

(Not in image) have come to colonize Primordia Redux! I just noticed them move to this strange new world on their own accord. I wonder how they will survive there?

Stay Tuned for Day 4 fellow Creatures!


Day 2: New worlds feral run


Day 2: Life in the garden

Welcome back everyone!

Sorry for most of the derpiness on Day 1, you may have noticed a few typos here and there and me mentioning something about replying to a thread, that’s because I copy and pasted it from the original post as explained in the comments of Day 1.

The norns have been settling in for a while and most of them have reached adolescence.

It’s also summer and I’ve added a couple vocab bots into the norngarden now.

ImageI noticed Normal Drop sliding on a leaf, which is surprisingly uncommon for me despite the fact that it’s classed as “toy”. Infact speaking of plant-life I have been trying to kill off the norngarden weed growing on the upper part of the garden.

ImageTypical Clouds seems to have developed an irritating obsession with elevators, which is rather common in some norns. She also seems to be hoarding the vocab bot around with her also.

ImageMacabre Hobbies and Helpless Insect have developed an interest in each other and have a tendancy to “push norn” when nearby each other.


Red Ear has been keeping to himself most of the time and generally hanging out in the upper part of the garden. He lingers close to the teleporter to Primordia Redux often as well, but he hasn’t ever used it yet.

ImageBut don’t fret viewers! He does socialize with the other norns from time to time!

That seems to be the end of day 2, and as always:

Stay tuned for Day 3 fellow creatures!


New worlds feral run

EDIT: Fixed the typos and generally made it more understandable.

Heya everyone!

So seeing as feral runs seem to be quite a thing right now, I’ve decided to make one of my own! This isn’t a signup feral run unlike the others though, basically here is how it is going to go:

This feral run is going to run from today to the 5th January, every day I am going to post news on what’s going on in the world in this blog and whatever creatures are alive at the end of the feral run will be uploaded in a single pack to the adoptions section at creaturescaves.

Here is a short list of the main addons that are going to be used:
• Advanced Muso
• Protective Tub
• The north pole
• Dustdevil grendel’s pack
• Norngarden 1
• Primordia Redux
• Terra V4.0
• Creature Nametags
• Magic Words
• Vocab Bot
• Elevines
• Interporter
• Some other agents!

If you have any suggestions mid-run, I’ll be happy to hear them!

Anyways, let’s start!

Day 1: Awakening

So we start out in the norn garden. The norn meso has been sealed off with room edits and contains interporters to get to the other metarooms and a teleporter to Primordia is in the norngarden.

So let’s see what norns we’ll start out with!
Image Hatching from our first egg is a female chi-chi norn named Macabre Hobbies! It’s a pretty unusual name, but maybe it might have some inner meaning to it?

Image  Hatching second, is a male bruin norn named Helpless Insect! It sounds a bit like a derogatory name that protective tub has given him, but I am pretty sure he’ll be just the opposite of it.
ImageThird, we have a female astro norn called Normal Drop!  She doesn’t seem to be going up into heights often if that’s what is on your mind. 😛

ImageThe fourth norn is a female bengal norn named Typical Clouds! This name is quite comedic in some kind of way.

ImageThe fifth and final norn is a male C2 Hebe norn named Red Ear! This one came out quite literally, seeing as he does indeed have red ears.

Stay tuned for day 2 fellow creatures!